A tour guide welcomes you, accompanies you and guides you in your language in a new city. Welcome to Cologne!

The price depends on the number of people and the duration of the tour

  • 1,5 hours
    up to 4 people
  • €50

  • 1,5 hours
    up to 15 people
  • €105


Cologne, more than two thousand years of history to tell maybe that perhaps not even one day would be enough, this is why I offer you, according to your needs and the time you have available, personalized tours.

Between Roman, medieval and modern times I tell you this city until our times.
Since my guided tours are organized exclusively for you, I show and tell you Cologne by taking you not only to the most suggestive places but also to those which are a bit hidden.
This way you’ll have the opportunity to walk along all those symbolic places that I have just described.

After having agreed on the route and the duration, it will be my goal to make you live in person the ancient and modern atmosphere of this city.

You’ll return home with a beautiful memory of Köln.


Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium was founded in 50 AD by the Romans and still preserves very important testimonies.

Former capital of the Roman province of lower Germany, it also had considerable importance in the Middle Ages. It was enriched especially thanks to its river Rhine because a law of 1259 imposed on the merchants who passed or stopped with their ships to pay a tribute to this city and not only, they were also obliged to offer their goods to the inhabitants of Cologne at a very low price.

To this day the Old Town still remembers the exchange of goods of that time, there are squares and alleys bearing names like: iron square, hay square, fish square, as well as salt alley, butter alley and alley of the mills.You’ll never see empty one of the most beautiful squares in Cologne, the cathedral square and you’re going to be part of those tourists who impressed raising their heads to the sky, just like everybody, to contemplate the 157 meters height of this majestic Gothic cathedral which treasures in a shrine the relics of the Three Wise Men.

In 1164 their spoils were brought from Milan to this city, which became a place of pilgrimage from all over Europe. Precisely in order to conserve the relics which were of great importance, in 1248 it was decided to begin the construction of the cathedral which ended only 632 later.This imposing architecture, like today you can admire, was completed with the last stone on top of the southern bell tower on October 15, 1880.

In 1996 the Cologne Cathedral became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

To grasp as well as possible the atmosphere of this wonderful city means, with my routes, not only visiting the classic places that are proposed to the usual tourists, but also living those little corners full of history that the inhabitants themselves sometimes forget to have or know.

Cologne is just waiting for you to visit it, become part as well of the tourists who come from all over the world that I welcome, accompany and guide through the streets of this unique city in the world.

Lisa a guide for you!

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