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This enchanting valley rich in castles, fortresses and picturesque villages which are reflected in the waters of the Rhine give one of the most romantic panoramic of Germany that you’ll be able to admire along this route on a ship.

I organize tours along the Rhine valley on ships from Bonn with destinations of your choice that can be Cologne, Koblenz and the Loreley, without forgetting those typical small Rhine villages that deserve to be discovered.


Bonn is a beautiful city which has a long history of 2000 years and that in Roman Times was called Bonna. It is situated in the Rhine valley which is a World Heritage Site for its numerous castles, vineyards and the famous Loreley.

It was the capital of West Germany from 1949 to 1990 and the beautiful villas which back then were headquarters of embassies and consulates of almost the entire world can still be admired to this day in the residential neighborhoods.

Bonn is known as the city of music, since Ludwig van Beethoven was born right here in 1770. Its inhabitants are very proud of this great musician, not only is the native house still used as a museum, but in addition to a large statue erected in his honor in the main square, there is even a traffic light which allows pedestrians to cross the street when the Beethoven's face after being a few minutes red, lights up from yellow to green.

The city reminds you, here was born one of the greatest musicians who left a legacy to mankind with his composition "Ode to Joy" taken from the Ninth Symphony, chosen by the European Union as its anthem. 2020 will be the year of Beethoven, already now Bonn is getting ready for this great event.

To grasp as well as possible the atmosphere of this wonderful city means, with my routes, not only visiting the classic places that are proposed to the usual tourists, but also living those little corners full of history that the inhabitants themselves sometimes forget to have or know.Bonn is just waiting for you to visit it, become part as well of the tourists who come from all over the world that I welcome, accompany and guide in the city of music.

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