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A tour guide welcomes you, accompanies you and guides you in your language in a new city…this is me.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lisa, I’m a young Italian living in Cologne after having spent several years both in Bonn and Aachen. My educational career started in Germany and ended with the high school diploma in Italy. For study purposes and to complete my professional career, I spent long periods in Italy, United States, France, Belgium and Spain.
 My international studies were completed with two Bachelor degrees: "International Tourism Management" at the University in Bonn and "International Hospitality Management" at the Northern Arizona University, United States.

Authorized Tour Guide

I am a guide who with dedication and professionalism will welcome you for unforgettable tours tailored for you.

Since my studies were addressed to tourism and to extend my professional profile, after my two Bachelor degrees I decided to attend a course organized by the Cologne Tourist Board. I was issued by the association of tourist guides in Germany "BVGD" the certificate of authorized tour guide for the city and the region of Cologne. Since 2015 I have been working with immense joy as a tour guide for the cities of Cologne, Aachen and Bonn. It’s an indescribable pleasure to tell the artistic and architectural treasures in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German, without forgetting the culture, history and traditions of these ancient cities.

Popular tours

*If the group exceeds the maximum number of 15 people, each participant who adds will pay €3.00 more than the above-mentioned sum.
These rates do not refer to the bus and boat tours. I therefore ask you to contact me for a quote.
Rates do not include entrance fees to museums, transportation and assistance service at the central station/airport.

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Take advantage of the Guided Tour of

Cologne - Aachen - Bonn

in a day!

Would you like to visit 3 cities in one day? Contact me and I will organize a visit to Cologne, Aachen and Bonn in a day exclusively for you!

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Frequently asked questions!

If you still have any doubts, read the answers to my guests' frequent questions!

How many people can participate in a Guided Tour?

Anyone can participate in my Guided Tours! Whether you are a single visitor, a family, a school, a group or a company, my itineraries will be designed specifically for your needs!

How is a large group managed?

When I organize a tour for your group I never forget that every single person is important as well. As a specialized tour guide, making a group tour for me means giving importance to the interests, the time available but also being flexible in changing or varying the route initially established. On request I welcome and take your group back to the airport/station.
I do not have a maximum number of participants but from experience a group which does not exceed 20 people is ideal because small groups allow guided tours of better quality.
For groups that exceed 20 participants it is recommended to contact me to request a quote.

How long is a Guided Tour?

Normally my itineraries are designed to last an hour and a half. According to the needs of my guests, the tours can last: 2 hours, 3 hours, half a day or full day.

How can children, elderly and disabled people do?

My tours are also designed for those who want to get to know a city but would like to visit it at a slow pace or with a wheelchair. I therefore propose easy routes for children, the elderly and the disabled.

Can you also follow school groups?

Sometimes tour guides may be a bit boring with their historical tales for our young students.
I am not since I will be able to capture their attention by creating not only an interesting but also pleasant tour. I specialized in organizing tours reserved exclusively for students from elementary, middle and high schools.
My goal is to involve “my new students” because the history told directly on the spot is beautiful to follow and with my tours they will be able to live it also a bit as protagonists forgetting maybe for a space of time this modern world.
I propose tailor-made studied routes for your young students.
I hope they get back to school with a beautiful memory of my cities, Cologne, Bonn or maybe Aachen…with forgetting to wish a safe trip to the chaperons.


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Tel: +49 176 52393928

Email: lisa@yourtourguide-cologne.com


Lisa Rescalli. +49 176 52393928
Peter Stühlen Strasse 154 - 51103 Colonia - Germany


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